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About Our Workshops

Our Workshops are designed to boost your Confidence, with Cabaret infused activities. The wonderful thing about cabaret is that by working in this space, we learn tips and tricks along the way that help us increase our confidence and we can transfer that energy into other areas of our lives. Join us as we celebrate our bodies, raise our voices, take up space and explore our creativity. After all, it’s… Your Body, Your World, Your Stage.

So, you want to be successful in Business? In your 'Stage' Life (whatever your 'stage' is) ? In Personal Life? To continuously Grow Results, you need to be continuously Questioning and Growing and Showing Up to continue to Succeed and break through barriers. Do you Deserve it? Of course, you do! You have two choices to Increase Your Results: 1. Suck it up and Willpower your way through. This doesn’t create lasting results 2. CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS - CHANGE YOUR RESULTS - this is about taking it to a deeper level and creating new beliefs and permanent change In this Masterclass, Heather Jean shares the 5 Step Process to Shift Your Beliefs to Achieve Success that has worked for her. The 5 Steps are simple. Be aware that this is a Practice - You will learn the 5 steps and be guided through each step, and you will need to do the ongoing work. Use the workbook to support you through the 5 steps - then make these your companion as you re-establish beliefs that support your success, help you show up, and drive results.