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About Our Workshops

Our Workshops are designed to boost your Confidence, with Cabaret infused activities. The wonderful thing about cabaret is that by working in this space, we learn tips and tricks along the way that help us increase our confidence and we can transfer that energy into other areas of our lives. Join us as we celebrate our bodies, raise our voices, take up space and explore our creativity. After all, it’s… Your Body, Your World, Your Stage.

Is Toxic Familiarity Keeping You Stuck? What Can You Do About It? 

How would you know if you are stuck?

Maybe you have tried a variety of things that haven't worked e.g. affirmations, journalling, etc. You wonder why it isn't working and what to do instead... You may be stuck... Time to find out! 

This Masterclass is designed to help you change your relationship with your thoughts, so that you can live abundantly. 

It all starts with your inner thoughts, to change your outer world. 

Familiarity: Quality or State of Being Familiar - things often seem like that is just the way it is, which is not true. 

We will explore what are you thinking or believing that is not true or beneficial for you right now, so you can become unstuck and start living abundantly.