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River Starlight

River is a Somatic Intimacy Coach and Pleasure Activist.

"Like most practitioners my work is shaped and inspired by life experiences, and by a deep calling to connect in nourishing ways that are possible but not culturally common... I went to Canada to train as an Intimacy Educator, and after applied to the Somatic Institute of Professional Sexologists which I am currently enrolled in. What I love about somatic sexology is how exquisitely it interweaves neuroscience, sexual education and trauma-informed bodywork. It’s simply astonishing! I also love how the whole platform is based on creating a counter normative culture in which ALL BODIES have access to the right of pleasure and safety; most especially the marginalized and highly oppressed groups such as biopic and LGBTQ. This continuous training and community of practitioners has truly changed my life and my inquiry into my own erotic being and healing only gets deeper. There are so many layers around sexuality...so much shame and conditioning, but the rewards of the work are simply exquisite. We are biologically wired to work together. I also do this work because it’s fun and it gives me pleasure and that is the most important reason of them all."