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Life Isn’t Always a Cabaret…But It Could Be

Dive into the skills drawn from the world of contemporary Cabaret. Lift your voice, own your space, feel worthy, and Confidently share your message.

Our exclusive Member’s Suite is all about helping you discover the secrets to unleash your power and take action towards having the Success You Desire

Ask Yourself…

  • Do you ever feel invisible, or unheard?

  • Do you hide parts of yourself or feel small and take up less space?

  • Do you feel like you are hiding in plain sight?

  • Do you need to appear in control?

  • Do you find that you show up as the person others expect you to be, now matter how you feel?

  • Do you feel afraid to really be yourself?

  • Do you fear others may not like the real you?

  • Do you apologise for simply being YOU?

  • Do you feel like an Impostor?

  • Do others walk over your feelings and boundaries?

  • Do you believe you have more to share but something keeps stopping you?

  • Do you fear trying in case you aren't successful?

  • Do you find yourself asking for Permission to be who you want to be?

  • It’s Time For You To Say Yes!

    ...YES to ALL of the things you want for yourself,

    YES to living your life on your terms without fear and without judgement

    because you KNOW that You are Worth It.


    If you’re anything like us, then you’ll know how much it takes to truly step into your spotlight. We get it, we’ve been there, and we know exactly how it feels.

    Make the Choice to be Confident - TODAY!

    Cabaret is all about self-expression and exists all over the world in many forms; from Comedy to Burlesque, Music Hall to Drag, Cabaret is about knowing, feeling good, and expressing yourself in an empowered way that leads to Confidence. Cabaret is for Every Body!

    Join Us in Our Empowering, One of a Kind Member’s Suite.

    In Our Confidence Through Cabaret Member’s Suite You Will Find

    Masterclasses from Experts covering a huge range of topics, there to show you practical techniques you need to uplift your confidence ...Whether you want to develop your confidence to collaborate, build hope, manage your time, understand self and others, engineer your lifestyle, map you greatest desires or breathe deeply into your whole body, you will find everything you need in the Member’s Suite!

    Workshops designed to boost your Confidence, with Cabaret infused activities, fully accept & celebrate your body, raise your voice, share your message with the world, let loose, and take up space while expressing your creativity.

    • Workbooks filled with tools and advice that allow you to get clear and take action on how to assert your boundaries, encourage fearlessness & stop apologising, share your message with the world, and implement lifelong habits of success.

    Private Facebook Community where you can meet others who share your confidence goals and encourage you to show up as you are; be authentically you, free from expectation, know you belong and deserve the success you desire.

    Participate in confidence boosting challenges, join live Q&As and have virtual coffee chats with inspiring guest speakers. We will be there supporting you and cheering you on too!

    New Content Added Every Month

    Break free from the expectations of others; after all, this is


    Get Access to All This Value... 

    In the Confidence Through Cabaret

    Members Suite

    ONLY $25.00  

    Imagine Waking Up Each Day Knowing

    • You deserve to own your success

    • You are authentic and have so many things to share with the world

    • You have the power to do anything

    Ask Yourself:

    • Which decision is going to help you raise your confidence?

    • When you look back in 10 years time, what decision would you thank yourself for?

    Step out of your comfort zone… this is where magic happens!


    You are tired of being overlooked

    You believe you have more to offer

    You are ready to take control

    You are willing to go all in

    You desire success

    A Little About Me...

      Hey Everyone, I am Heather

      Co-Pioneer Confidence Through Cabaret

      On my personal journey, I have been through so many experiences and moments of truth. I have owned a successful global business training and coaching consultancy for 25 years, specialising in developing confidence, communication, self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

      It hasn't always been easy, juggling work life, family life and community life. I didn't even make time for my personal life.

      Many times I felt small, alone. At times, I have felt like an imposter; and no one would have guessed.

      Can you relate to some of these experiences?

      When I discovered cabaret and the amazing tools this empowering platform has to offer, it changed everything. Cabaret is about self-expression, owning your space, using your voice and speaking your truth.

      My mission is to share my learning and , to inspire and illuminate your journey towards greater confidence throughout your life.

    So many others have been able to benefit from the amazing resources contained in this Members Suite and YOU CAN TOO!

    When you choose confidence, you will embrace your successes, greet challenges with excitement, and live your life on your terms.

    Time to Choose Confidence, Time to Invest in YOU!