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The Pursuit of Healthiness Podcast

Today´s guest is Heather. Heather owned a successful global and coaching consultancy for 24 years. It hasn't been easy or fulfilling and she even felt small, alone and like an imposter. That´s when she discovered cabaret and the amazing tools this arena had to offer and it changed .

Entrepreneur Rising

Heather is the co-pioneer of Confidence Through Cabaret. On her personal journey, she has been through so many experiences and pathways, owning a successful global training and coaching consultancy for 25 years, specialising in developing confidence, communication, self-awareness and interpersonal skills. It hasn't always been easy or fulfilling, in fact, many times she felt small, alone and at times even like an imposter. Can you relate to some of these experiences? When she discovered cabaret and the amazing tools this vibrant arena has to offer, it changed everything. Her mission is to inspire and illuminate your journey towards greater confidence throughout your life.

The Hope-Makers Podcast

Heather Jean, co-founder of Confidence Through Cabaret, and I discuss how the pandemic both took away and provided huge opportunities for her. After losing most of her executive and team professional development work due to the pandemic, the pandemic and associated lockdowns provided the opportunity for her to create a new professional identity, and also really find herself after experiencing domestic violence in her first marriage, the death of her second husband to early onset Alzheimer's, and her own cancer diagnosis.

The SME Business Podcast

Today we are joined by Heather Jean from Confidence through Cabaret. She explains her entrepreneurial journey and how she found out how cabaret helped her and others get more confident.

The Grabbalicious Podcast

Had a great conversation with the great Heather Jean from organization Confidence Through Cabaret! We talk about mental health and how to be more confident

The Bounce Back and Thrive Podcast

In this week’s podcast interview, witness this powerful and moving story of how this successful professional is confronted with a string of terrible calamities in her personal life, and the inconceivable way in which she consciously chooses to focus her mind on situations she can control. Experience how she subsequently uses cabaret as a way to confront her own fears. 

The Practice Success Podcast

Meet Heather, Co-Pioneer of Confidence Through Cabaret - a new online venture and her third business. she has her own global training consultancy for 24 years (pre-covid) specializing in communication and interpersonal skills for clients; travelling to over 70countries to deliver programs. 

The Digital Technopreneur Podcast

Entrepreneurs often have an internal personality that is quite different from the public personas they project. Our guest opens the discussion on the avatar personas we create to separate our different personalities and how to be intent with true self at all times.