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Congratulations! You’re on the road to Beat your Impostor and getting the freedom to achieve the results you truly desire!

Enjoy this fantastic course and find the best strategies for you to achieve, grow, and flourish!

Included are 5 Video Units plus a special Bonus entitled, 'How To Get Constructive Feedback From Others'

Unit 1

• Introduction to the Course • Defining ‘Impostor’ - Determining How it is affecting you • Take the Quiz - Let’s get a picture of your starting point to measure progress • Defining Action Focus - Using your quiz to understand your priorities for action • Action Plans - Measure your progress and take action

Unit 2

• Setting Intentions and Goals - Getting clear and tapping into your 'Why' • Unconscious Rules - What limiting ‘Rules’ are you living by that aren’t even aware of • Proactivity - Controlling your controllables and mindset, understanding your ‘Can Do’

Unit 3

• Beliefs - Where do they come from? Separating facts and feelings • Focus - Negativity bias & Positive thinking • Making Changes for Positive Impact - Breaking free from your thought ‘Loops’

Unit 4

• Procrastination - Taking action when your impostor gets in the way • Naming Your Impostor - Techniques to shrink your Impostor • Owning Your Success - Tap into the fierceness that drives your results

Unit 5

• Taking Action - Appreciating the ‘Now’ • Advocating for Yourself - Use your voice • Accessing Constructive Feedback - Using the ‘Gifts’ of feedback

BONUS: 'How To Get Constructive Feedback From Others'

Being able to gather feedback is key to beating our impostor.

Getting feedback is essential to our growth but we often get feedback that doesn’t support us or offer balanced insight into what we are doing that is/isn't working.

It is difficult to focus our efforts and energy in the best areas to continue or change when this happens.

In this bonus module we will explore how to ask for the information you want to gather, stay within your boundaries, ensure others give you helpful, balanced and constructive insights to help you learn and grow.