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Understanding how to take control of your Impostor and own the success you deserve doesn't need to be a struggle.

It IS possible for you to achieve all that you want without doubt and fear.

In our Beat Your Impostor Course, you can do just that!"

Is This YOU?

Are you getting great results, but don’t recognise that you deserve them? Maybe you’re ready to take action and own your success, but don’t know how to make that happen. I know what it’s like and I’ve been there too.

Since you’re reading this now, I’m guessing you want to be able to walk into any situation with confidence, or maybe you want to take action and feel certain you can do it.

You’ve worked hard to learn your skills. You have something to share with the world. You know you want more and are destined to have results…

If you’re like me, when I started my first business, you’ve found the voice in your head keeps holding you back..

I learned how to overcome that voice, so that I was free to enjoy making a difference, while making money.

The Doubts and Fears Mount Up

Maybe You've Experienced...

  • People telling you how capable you are, but deep down not believing it

  • That voice inside stopping you from taking the action you want to take

  • Compliments and positive feedback feels like people are talking about someone else; that they don’t mean it, or that they don't really know you?

  • Your Impostor stopping you from applying for opportunities, advancement or taking risks?

  • Feeling that your success is simply down to ‘luck’?

  • …This is your Impostor taking over and stopping you from getting what you want, by making you feel like you will be found out as fraud. 

    You’re used to listening to your Impostor and limiting yourself everyday. You believe that you may actually ‘Be’ an Impostor… You’ve convinced yourself that you don’t deserve your achievements.

    DON’T WORRY… Many of us feel like an Impostor at some point in our career and in our life.

    Your Impostor is in control if:

  • You've ever felt like you will be ‘exposed’ as a fraud.

  • You have ever found yourself doubting the truth of your capability

  • Your inner critic has stopped you from taking action

  • Compliments feel like they belong to someone else and not you, then your Impostor is in control

  • You Are Not Alone.

    We understand what it feels like to experience

    Impostor syndrome and be held back by self-doubt .

    Guess What? There’s Good News!

    Freedom from your Impostor IS possible - you can achieve the recognition and results you want without struggling against yourself!

    You no longer have to feel like you are plagued by your Impostor and doubt your ability.

    It’s time to own your Greatness!

    You deserve to live your life with confidence. You deserve to trust in yourself and your instincts. Let go of the belief that you must know everything to be considered a valued voice in the conversation.

    You can accept and seek out new challenges that inspire you. You can silence your inner critic.

    You deserve to believe in your own success.

    Introducing the Beat Your Impostor Course!

    Learn 5 Key Secrets designed to control that voice of doubt and commit to a more confident you!

    You deserve to reclaim your power and focus on your success. We are here to guide and support you on this transformational journey.

    In this programme you will learn to apply 5 Key Secrets to overcoming your Impostor and build the confidence you deserve.

    This training is a GAME CHANGER!

    Your future holds great things for the new confident You!

    A Little Bit About Your Guide...

    Hi, I’m Heather, and I’m SO excited for you to join me on this Beat Your Impostor  course.

    If you, like me, have felt the paralysing effects that the voice in your head can conjure or you are feeling unsure, anxious, or unqualified; as if you could be caught out as an Impostor at any moment, then you need to join us on the Beat Your Impostor course NOW!

    I started my first global business over 25 years ago. Since then I have started two additional businesses as a Business Training Consultant, Coach and Mentor.

    I have helped thousands of people to understand themselves better, to communicate with confidence, to become coaches and to develop tools and strategies to enable people to grow to their highest potential - People just like YOU, who want to succeed!

    I started my first business with one client and a belief that I didn’t know how to do the things I had actually been doing for years. I feared that new situations would expose me as a fake. I didn’t understand the technology and I had no idea ‘how’ I would do it, and my Impostor kept me from asking for the help I needed and caused me to doubt myself.

    But, I learned to overcome my Impostor to earn over 6 figures a year. I am here to share the lessons I have learned and to help you achieve what you truly desire. I am passionate about sharing these key strategies with you, and will be with you throughout your journey.

    In 2020… When Confidence Through Cabaret began, we had to ask ourselves, what is the key thing that holds so many of us back, that could stop any one of us in our tracks - the answer was obvious…

    We had to share what we know about overcoming the Impostor; self doubt, the voice in your ear that tells you, you aren’t good enough or that you don’t get to live the life you want!

    We want to uplift, support, inspire, and connect! We want everybody to feel confident, strong and know that they can achieve whatever they desire! If you beat your Impostor, take control of your life and commit to change, then you can accomplish ANYTHING!

    So many others have been able to benefit from the amazing strategies in this course and


     When you beat your IMPOSTOR, you will embrace your successes, greet challenges with excitement, and live your life with confidence.


    Embrace Freedom

    Reconnect with your inner knowing: deep down you know you have something to share and you can do it. Reconnect with your truth to get the results you deserve.

    The goal is to be in tune with who you are. That you know what to do… even if you don't know how yet. It’s time to be certain that you deserve what you want out of life.

    Banish Emotional Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

    It’s time to make the decision to stop listening to your Impostor’s voice telling you that you don't deserve to stand with those who are truly successful. Over 70% of us have experienced Impostor Syndrome. This comes from failing to embody our successes; focussing on the negative results.

    It’s time to stop to believing that your achievements are not yours to celebrate It’s time to stop fighting your Impostor and learn to trust your wisdom - be open to asking for help, without feeling like you're failing.

    Self Love & Confidence

    It’s time to show others the way you want them to treat you. Love and treat yourself with the respect you deserve.

    Walk into every room with confidence: feeling comfortable, worthy in business meetings, or presenting on any ‘stage’

    Unit 1: Introduction


    How to Get the Best Results

    from Your Programme

    In This Unit We Will Be Covering

  • Introduction to the Course

  • Defining ‘Impostor’  - Determining How it is affecting you

  • Take the Quiz - Let’s get a picture of your starting point to measure progress 

  • Defining Action Focus - Using your quiz to understand your priorities for action

  • Action Plan - Measure your progress and take action 

  • Unit 2: Mark


    Positions of Strength

    Best Results from

    Your Programme

    In This Unit We Will Be Covering

  • Setting Intentions and Goals - Getting clear and tapping into your 'Why'

  • Unconscious Rules - What limiting ‘Rules’ are you living by that aren’t even aware of

  • Proactivity - Controlling your controllables and mindset, understanding your ‘Can Do’

  • Unit 3: Lights

    Shining a Light on Belief


    In This Unit We Will Be Covering

  • Beliefs - Where do they come from? Separating facts and feelings

  • Focus - Negativity bias & Positive thinking

  • Making Changes for Positive Impact - Breaking free from your thought ‘Loops’

  • Unit 4: Camera


    Own the Image You Project

    In This Unit We Will Be Covering

  • Procrastination - Taking action when your impostor gets in the way

  • Naming Your Impostor - Techniques to shrink your Impostor

  • Owning Your Success - Tap into the fierceness that drives your results

  • Unit 5: Action


    Appreciating the Moment, the Processes & the Wins

    In This Unit We Will Be Covering

  • Taking Action - Appreciating the ‘Now’

  • Advocating for Yourself - Use your voice

  • Accessing Constructive Feedback - Using the ‘Gifts’ of feedback



    "How to Get Constructive Feedback from Others"

    Being able to gather feedback is key to beating our impostor.

    Getting feedback is essential to our growth but we often get feedback that doesn’t support us or offer balanced insight into what we are doing that is/isn't working.

    It is difficult to focus our efforts and energy in the best areas to continue or change when this happens.

    In this bonus module we will explore how to ask for the information you want to gather, stay within your boundaries, ensure others give you helpful, balanced and constructive insights to help you learn and grow.

    You Also Get Access To All Of These GAME CHANGING Resources And Bonuses…'

  • Printable workbook with tips, tools, & practical exercises as well as questions to help you get clear on your timeline for success.