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Who Are We, How Can We Help?

Hello and Welcome to Confidence Through Cabaret. The only Member's Suite that strives to build self-confidence and inspire YOU to greater success using the tools of contemporary Cabaret. Confidence is about being authentic and embracing all the wonderful things that make YOU special. It’s about knowing, feeling good, and expressing yourself in an empowered way that leads to Confidence. Cabaret exists all over the world in 

many forms; it inspires, challenges and empowers both the audience and artist. You don’t need to have any experience of cabaret to access the life-changing potential of this unique art form. In our Member’s Suite, we are delighted to share these resources with you, all of which are designed to help you accomplish your self-confidence goals. Break free from the expectations of others; after all, this is YOUR BODY, YOUR WORLD, YOUR STAGE!


I am trying something new and out of my routine / comfort zone (which is great)..

Love it! I think I’ve found my new fave group

Love this so much, taking the power of our YES and NO!

A Little About Me...

    Hey Everyone, I am Heather


    Co-Pioneer of Confidence Through Cabaret. On my personal journey, I have been through so many experiences and pathways, owning a successful global training and coaching consultancy for 25 years, specialising in developing confidence, communication, self-awareness and interpersonal skills. It hasn't always been easy or fulfilling, in fact, many times I felt small, alone and at times I even felt like an imposter. Can you relate to some of these experiences? When I discovered cabaret and the amazing tools this vibrant arena has to offer, it changed everything. My mission is to inspire and illuminate your journey towards greater confidence throughout your life.

Who wants to lead a more Confident life Today?

All C.A.P.s Challenge: Engaging Your Character, Avatar, Persona

Download our exclusive ALL C.A.P.S. Confidence PDF, now. We have put together this document to show you ways you can transfer the energy you engage in at your most confident, into each and every aspect of your life.